Before committing to YULAA, it is important to us that you know both what to expect from YULAA and what YULAA expects from you. We want YULAA to be as fulfilling, rewarding, and meaningful as possible; to achieve that, we have put together some membership requirements for the 2020-2021 academic year. NB: We understand that this year, especially, poses challenges that might make participation difficult, and certainly do not want to impose more stress and responsibilities during an already strenuous time. However, more than ever, YULAA needs to be a committed and cohesive community, both internally and externally. Please feel free to reach out to Arya at and Nadja, our Membership Coordinator, at if you ever have any questions or concerns revolving around the membership requirements outlined below.  


  1. If placed into a volunteer site: we expect members to make all shifts and communicate at least 24 hours in advance with Project Leaders if they need to miss a shift for any reason. 

  2. If placed into a volunteer site: even if you do not have regular shifts, we expect you to attend project meetings that your Project Leader may schedule as check-ins, trainings, etc. 

  3. For all YULAA members: attend “Welcome Event,” which will be two hours on a weekend evening at the beginning of the semester. More information on the format to follow.

  4. For all YULAA members: attend two YULAA events per month (advocacy meetings, speaker event, social cohesion, etc). 


We will expect upon reviewing applications that volunteers have read this and can a) commit to the above or b) have communicated with YULAA Board about foreseen concerns in fulfilling the above. For more information regarding the commitment for specific projects, please do not hesitate to reach out to last year’s Project Leaders, whose contact information is below; however, note that projects may look different this year due to remote volunteering.