Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) is an organization that supports the families of children with any disability or chronic illness. YULAA volunteers are tasked with helping families explore their procedural options. This might include helping them consider whether or not to file a state complaint for lack of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), or reach out to families needing an assessment to evaluate food insecurity or if mental health services are needed. Lastly, volunteers may conduct Know Your Rights sessions about special education with new guidance due to COVID-19. 


Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) is a mental health advocacy, service, and education organization. YULAA volunteers are tasked with gathering research in the form of statistics, data, and stories regarding the treatment of Black people, POC, and minority populations within the psychiatric and substance use arenas in Connecticut. This includes: rate of restraints/seclusion, forced treatment (in community-based care this is known as Involuntary Outpatient Treatment), length of stay in inpatient care, and any other specific data and information that sheds light on systemic racism and disparities in treatment.


New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA) is one of the largest legal aid organizations in New Haven. YULAA volunteers assist NHLAA attorneys with projects and cases they are working on as they seek to provide legal aid services to the New Haven community. YULAA volunteers also serve as translators in a variety of languages to help NHLAA attorneys and staff communicate with clients in need. Language skills are required for NHLAA translation.


The Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (CVLC) serves some of the state's most vulnerable veterans. YULAA has partnered with CVLC to work on the issue of discharge upgrades, helping those veterans who cannot gain access to VA benefits and medical care to appeal the VA's decision to deny that individual services. YULAA volunteers are tasked with researching the latest news from the Department of Veterans Affairs and creating Know Your Rights materials and videos for CVLC’s clients. Video-editing and production skills are preferred for this project.


The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services (UCDVS) is an organization that seeks to empower victims of domestic violence through advocacy, counseling, and case management. One group of YULAA volunteers is leading an outreach project to local attorneys in order to secure pro-bono services for families and clients facing domestic violence. This project will ultimately include preparing a pamphlet of resources describing how to reach out to these attorneys and how to inquire about the issue areas they should be familiar with (family court, restraining orders, and custody and visitation law, for example). In addition, a second group of YULAA volunteers is tasked with producing two Know Your Rights videos, one that addresses the needs of immigrant communities in New Haven facing domestic violence and another that addresses the recent federal rollbacks of Title IX protections on university campuses to be used as a resource for students across the state. Video-editing and production skills are preferred for this project.

JUNTA & Apostle Immigrant Services 

JUNTA and Apostle Immigrant Services (AIS) are two New Haven organizations that work to protect and empower immigrant communities. For JUNTA, YULAA volunteers research developments in national and state immigration law, bringing that information back to the organization and synthesizing it into Know Your Rights workshops, videos, and pamphlets. For AIS, YULAA volunteers assist attorneys in asylum seeker cases, completing research on conditions in clients’ countries of origin. Volunteers will also be helping AIS with its social media, website, and grant applications. For JUNTA, graphic design and video-editing skills are preferred.  For both JUNTA and AIS, proficiency in Spanish is heavily preferred. 


YULAA is partnering with Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC) and Connecticut Fair Housing, statewide nonprofit policy and advocacy organizations dedicated to ending homelessness, expanding affordable housing, and building strong communities in Connecticut. Decisions on housing development proposals are made at the local municipal level, and with 169 municipalities, it is difficult for the Partnership to understand the larger themes around affordable housing opposition and support. To that end, YULAA enlists volunteers to monitor local affordable housing development activities and local responses.


Given COVID-19, many organizations are still working hard to collaborate with YULAA. We are still in conversation with the below programs that we hope to have more concrete information on in coming weeks: Connecticut Legal Services, NHLAA School-Based Legal Clinics, The American Place, and the LGTBQ+ Youth Program 


If you are an undergraduate student interested in getting involved, our application will be live in the fall.  In the meantime, please contact us at yulaa.web@gmail.com with any questions. And stay tuned for new projects coming soon!

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